Lemon and Lace Creations by RL Woodshop


Handmade wood heart creations are NOW available !! These handmade hearts come in gold, white and black and are 36x36 in size!! You can display up to 10 photos on 1 heart!!

For a limited time hearts will be ON SALE over 50% off!

These are perfect for about anywhere from your living room to child's room, display at a wedding, you name it! Or photographers take advantage of the bulk discount and have a sweet new option for your clients and their photos from your sessions



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No Refunds:
***All sales are final due to their digital nature. No refunds will be given under any circumstance.
***An understanding of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud is helpful when applying the presets.
***You do not have the right to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the files in any way or share your download link and any laws will be pursued to their fullest extent.

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