The Ultimate Preset Bundle

The bundle contains everything you need to create one of a kind photos. You'll find presets for all editing styles and all genres of photography.

Find your signature style and create consistent photographs with your favorite look.

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Presets speed up your workflow by giving you a starting point when it comes to editing. Apply your favorite presets, make a few tweaks and done. Edit your sessions quickly and consistently.


My editing videos take you behind the scenes to see how I use these exact same presets to edit sessions. Learn the what adjustments to make to get the perfect look.

The ULTIMATE Preset Bundle

Over 70 Preset Collections
2 Sets of Overlays for Photoshop
4 Editing Videos
Printable Posing Guide
Printable Preset Guide
*NEW* Brushes for Lightroom!



What's Included?

Lightroom Presets


  • Spring Fling¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Indoor Lifestyle¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Everest Mood¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Smoke¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Cinnamon¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Afternoon Delight¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Fall Love & Fall Love 2¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Midnight Velvet¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 4/29/22
  • Bright & Colorful¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 3/14/22
  • Light & Soul¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 3/14/22
  • Moody Neutrals¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 3/14/22
  • Penelope¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 3/14/22
  • Sunshine¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 3/14/22
  • Honey & Fire w/bonus After Dark¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 2/10/22
  • Winter Wedding¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 1/25/22


  • Candy Cane¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 12/04/21
  • Believe¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 11/13/21
  • Happy (NEW!) *Release Date: 11/13/21
  • Autumn Aesthetic¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†9/1/21
  • Pumpkin Season¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†9/1/21
  • Stay Golden¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†9/1/21
  • Happy Hour Fall 3¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†9/1/21
  • Wonder¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†8/16/21
  • Back to the 80s¬† ¬†*Release Date:¬†6/4/21
  • Summer Breeze¬†*Release Date:¬†6/4/21
  • Warm Soul¬†*Release Date:¬†6/4/21
  • Wedding Collection¬†¬†*Release Date: 5/17/21
  • Spring Gold¬†¬†*Release Date: 4/29/21
  • Sweet Sage¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†4/22/21
  • Emerald Velvet¬†¬†*Release Date:¬†4/22/21
  • Cotton Candy¬†*Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Get Real - Film Collection¬†*Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Gold *Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Green Envy¬† *Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Moody Earth Tones *Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Nostalgic Remix¬†*Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Sunset Lover *Release Date: 4/5/21
  • True Colors¬†*Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Wild Flower¬†*Release Date: 4/5/21
  • Cool Mood¬† *Release Date: 2/10/21
  • Magic Hour¬† *Release Date: 2/10/21
  • Moody Lace¬† *Release Date: 2/10/21
  • BohoGLOW¬† *Release Date: 2/10/21
  • Pretty in Pink¬† ¬†*Release Date: 2/10/21
  • Bubble Gum Pink¬† *Release Date: 1/29/21
  • Winter Mood¬† *Release Date:¬†1/1/21
  • Pop Rocks¬† *Release Date: 1/1/21


  • Latte Love *Release Date: 12/31/20
  • Warm¬†and Cozy *Release Date: 12/31/20
  • Katie Collection 2020¬† *Release Date: 11/26/20
  • Feeling Festive *Release Date: 11/03/20
  • Holly Jolly *Release Date: 11/03/20
  • Winter Glow *Release Date: 11/03/20
  • Lullaby Lace *Release Date: 9/26/20
  • Blue Moon *Release Date: 9/26/20
  • Copper Moon *Release Date: 9/26/20
  • Naturally Wild¬†*Release Date:¬†9/27/20
  • Fall Magic w/ FM Be Bold¬†*Release Date:¬†9/27/20
  • Pumpkin Spice¬†*Release Date:¬†8/17/20
  • Sunkissed & Sandy¬†*Release Date:¬†8/17/20
  • Golden Glow *Release Date: 6/12/20
  • Be Happy *Release Date: 5/10/20
  • Summer Lovin' *Release Date: 5/10/20
  • 2020 Mood¬†*Release Date:¬†4/20/20
  • Light Hearted¬†*Release Date:¬†4/20/20


  • Desert Rose Boho Wedding¬†*Release Date:¬†12/2/19
  • Glam Film¬†*Release Date:¬†12/2/19
  • Rebel Queen¬†*Release Date:¬†12/2/19
  • Autumn Mood¬†*Release Date:¬†10/11/19
  • Cherry Pie¬†*Release Date:¬†6/22/19
  • Summer Mood¬†*Release Date:¬†6/22/19
  • Enchanted Forest¬†*Release Date:¬†6/22/19
  • Sugar Rush¬†*Release Date:¬†5/19/19
  • Soul Food¬†*Release Date:¬†5/19/19
  • Eclectic Earth¬†*Release Date:¬†5/19/19
  • Bohemian Desert¬†*Release Date:¬†5/19/19
  • So Fresh *Release Date: 3/25/19
  • Sweet Peach *Release Date: 1/29/19
  • California Dreaming¬†¬†*Release Date: 1/9/19


  • Lace Studio Collection
  • Dreamy Studio Collection


  • Overlays: Snow¬†(NEW!) *Release Date: 12/04/21
  • Overlays: Wanderlust *Release Date: 5/10/20
  • Retouching Brush *(Actions for Photoshop)

Photographer Resources

  • Video: Winter Editing
  • Video: Boho Glow Editing
  • Video: Golden Glow Editing
  • Video: So Fresh Editing
  • Printable Prompts & Poses for Couples
  • Printable Posing Guide for Family
  • 2022 Preset Guide
  • Presets 101
  • DSLR Workshop

NEW! Lightroom Brushes

  • 12 NEW Lemon and Lace Brushes for Lightroom
  • Video: Boudoir Lightroom Brushes
  • Video: Newborn Lightroom Brushes
  • Video: Sky Lightroom Brushes


Tina S.

I LOVE all the presets! My favorite is Dreamy studio collection.

Billye J.

Love how simple they are to use. 1 click and done. and the load quickly it does not drag and some actions do tend to cause a lag or drag in the photoshop.

Hannah J.

So many presets for a steal!!!

The Ultimate Big Store Bundle

From light and airy to moody to rich and warm to cool. We have presets for those that love clean editing to our moody photographers.

Important Details

  • Format: XMP and LRT for presets, LRT for Lightroom Brushes, JPG for overlays, ATN for actions
  • Mobile Import: No, these presets do not import directly to Lightroom Mobile.
  • Delivery: Files are delivered in a zipped folder to be downloaded to a computer only
  • Software: Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw must be installed on your computer for presets; Adobe Photoshop CC must be installed on your computer for overlays and actions
  • Refunds: NO, due to the digital nature there are no refunds or exchanges

These are desktop presets and require Lightroom and/or ACR installed on your Mac or Windows computer. These presets do not import directly to Lightroom Mobile! Please ensure you have the correct software.

Compatible With:
Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 10.5-12+
Adobe Lightroom CC
Adobe Lightroom Classic 6+
Adobe Photoshop CC
Mac and Windows

These presets do not import directly to Lightroom Mobile!