Thank you so much for the gorgeous happy hour preset for light room. I have been watching that set forever. They are amazing. I can’t wait to buy more from lemon and lace. 

From: Marci S

I've bought other presets before and never liked them even after tweaking them in LR, but this?! This right here is where you get to keep me forever Lemon and Lace. This is what I was looking for and it's absolutely amazing to work with ALL the presets. I don't have a specific one that I like, because I LOVE all of them! Thank you again for everything!

From: Andrijana M.


I'm absolutely loving using some of the presets from the entire collection my favourite at the moment being the black and white lemon, it gives such a professional vintage feel to my pics - thanks so much Lemon & Lace, you're awesome.

From: Selena A.



Today I did a couple shoot at the beach and I tried out the "hello darling collection" and it turned my photos into a beautiful creamy dream and my clients loved them. The jewel collection is amazing too. I love the tones and filtering they give.

Once again thank you! I refer anyone who asks me what presets I use! <3

From: Angelica R



Thank you for the wonderful products that you sell... I'm a photographer who rarely uses someone else's presets however, this Halloween I found myself in a bit of a jam and turned so some of yours! they work like a dream and generally require fairly little altering. thanks again!

From: Gail