Top 5 | Lightroom Presets
Top 5 | Lightroom Presets

Top 5 | Lightroom Presets


These are the TOP 5 Game Changing presets from the newest collections. These hand selected presets come from Bright and Dreamy Lifestyle, Boardwalk, Coconut Beach, Natural Glow and Sunset Mood. If you're just getting started these presets are sure to up your editing level!



  • 5 Game Changing Lightroom presets in XMP and LRT format
  • 1 Bonus Lightroom Preset in XMP and LRT format
  • BONUS 1 Editing Video

Tired of Spinning Your Wheels?

This power pack of 5 presets plus a bonus editing video and preset helps to skip the decision fatigue on what preset to pick and get straight to editing images that you will love!

These 5 presets were hand picked from the newest spring collections

Editing Video

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5 single presets or 6 full collections of over 100 presets?

Don't wait too long, these prices won't last forever!

Looking for a little more?

Get the full Spring Collection for only $5 more!

These 6 NEW collections are unlike anything we have ever released and we have no doubt they will become your new go to's.

All collections include XMP and LRT format.
*NOTE: BW Coconut Beach 2 does not work in LRT format.


  • Boardwalk
  • Bright Dreamy Lifestyle
  • Clean Aesthetic
  • Coconut Beach
  • Natural Glow
  • Sunset Mood

These tools are simple to use, many are one click with slight adjustments.


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Real Family Photography Course
Real Family Photography Course

Real Family Photography Course


I have poured everything I have learned over the last 12 years to make the most comprehensive family photography course, to get you unstuck and confident behind the camera to grow your family photography business in ways you have always dreamed!

I am going to meet you exactly where you are at in your journey of your family photography and give you all the tools and resources that I KNOW will help you not only create:

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I teach you SO much inside this course from making your logo to website, editing, pricing and the BEST thing about this course is the 30 + family sessions that you can watch behind the scenes, ANYTIME.

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