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Complete Store Bundle ! (Does Not Include Mobile)

$20.00 $779.00


  • Adobe Lightroom (Mac/Windows)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (Mac/Windows)

*Due to the digital nature of this product there are no refunds allowed.

This is the ENTIRE SHOP!! Look no further. Includes newly released Happy Hour 2! Absolutely every single product for Lightroom, Photoshop Creative Cloud, Workflow Videos, Photoshop Retouching Brush Set and Overlays PLUS family posing cards and an app you can install on your home screen for one crazy low price. 

This set is absolutely everything you need from start to finish and from spring to fall. My presets for Lightroom (OVER 250 PRESETS!!) and Photoshop Actions (Creative Cloud) are full of minty greens, peachy skin tones, gorgeous color depth but still a subtle matte feel depending on which preset you use. You will now find gorgeous moody presets, Happy Hour, and a dramatic clean set for Boudoir, Lace Studio!! Along with a new summer filled set Magnolia Mint and Pretty Pink. 

You will find 16 Lightroom collections,  1 Photoshop Creative Cloud sets, 1 Photoshop PS5+ set, 1 workflow video, Photoshop retouching brush set and 2 Posing Apps for both families and couples!!

Below is a description of each product for before/afters please check out the individual products. You will need lightroom and photoshop creative cloud to use these products. I'm confident these are some of the best Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, etc! Please be sure to read over everything as there are no refunds due to the digital nature.


*Does NOT include Mobile



  • Lemon Bliss for Everyday Kids (NEW!*Release Date: 4/16/18
  • Happy Hour 2 Collection (NEW!) *Release Date: 6/21/18
  • Happy Hour Collection (NEW!) *Release Date: 4/16/18
  • Lace Studio Collection (NEW!) *Release Date: 4/16/18
  • Magnolia Mint Collection (NEW!) *Release Date: 4/16/18
  • Pretty Pink Matte Collection (NEW!) *Release Date: 4/16/18
  • Dreamy Studio Collection
  • Gold Fox
  • Wonderland
  • Sugar and Spice Collection
  • Light and Airy Collection {Perfect for Weddings}
  • Dramatic Storybook Collection
  • Jewel Lace
  • Hello Darling
  • Pastels & Pinwheels Collection
  • Vintage Lace Collection
  • Pure Collection
  • Unbroken Collection


  • Dreamy Studio Collection
  • Snow Overlays
  • Luxe Gold Collection for PS 5 and above
  • Photoshop Retouching Brush Set

Photographer Resources:

  • Mobile Mini Couples Posing App (NEW!*Release Date: 4/16/18
  • Mobile Family Posing App 
  • Printable Posing Guide 
  • Instructional videos and how to's:
  • Intro to Your DSLR and Basic Photography
  • And 1+ workflow editing videos!

Happy Hour for Lightroom

The Happy Hour Collection is full of moody, dark, low contrast presets to help transform your portraits and lifestyle work into gorgeous images that both you and your clients will love! 

These tools are simple to use, many are one click with slight adjustments. 

You will find 21 Lightroom presets in this collection. 

You must have Lightroom to use this set. 

Lace Studio for Lightroom

This sassy little set is packed with 6 dramatic, yet crisp and clean presets! This will transform any of your indoor studio work into gorgeous images, that both you and your client will love.

You will find 6 Lightroom presets in this collection. 

You must have Lightroom to use this set. 

Magnolia Mint for Lightroom

This is a personal favorite filled with light and airy feels, pastel colors, but still has an overall clean, fresh look. This set is a must have for spring and summer! 

You will find 12 Lightroom presets in this collection. 

You must have Lightroom to use this set. 

Pretty Pink for Lightroom

This collection is filled with light and airy, minty greens and matte! If you love the softer, matte look, with more desaturated colors and a softer tone, then this is the perfect set for you.

You will find 21 Lightroom presets in this collection. 

Dreamy Studio for Lightroom

Our BRAND NEW collection is now available... the Dreamy Studio Collection, for lightroom! Do you struggle with editing indoor images?! Not all presets are made for indoor editing, we want to help you create images both you and your clients will LOVE with ease. We wanted to bring you an indoor studio collection that is a unique combo of light and airy, clean, warm with just a little touch of whimsy <3

The Dreamy Studio Collection, is a jam packed set of over 30 presets made with ALL your indoor needs in mind from newborns, studio light, natural light, fresh 48, weddings even indoor basketball/volleyball images.

Sugar and Spice for Lightroom

Need a perfect set for your fall sessions? This is it!!

Pastels & Pinwheels for Lightroom

This set is jam packed with 42 presets for Lightroom. You will gorgeous mint greens, peachy skin tones, you will find presets that are reminiscent of film, you'll have light and airy to more moody/matte edits.

These presets the white balance is not touched which means you can make little to no adjustments. Wedding and family session season are here and this set will have you absolutely ready!

You will also find 1 workflow editing video that gives my FAVORITE steps to take an image to the next level in photoshop. 

Pastels & Pinwheels includes:

  • 42 presets for Lightroom
  • 1 workflow editing video

    Luxe Gold Collection for Photoshop 

    This set that includes 8 color actions ranging from matte to crisp and bold and 4 black and white actions. This set gives a great variety of actions to choose from.

    This set includes:

    • 8 color actions
    • 4 black and white actions

    Vintage Lace Collection for Lightroom

    This is set is a personal favorite, it is a completely artistic set that has gorgeous deep tones however the greens, you will still find soft and muted. If you are looking for a classic, charming feel than this is your set!

    Vintage Lace  Collection:

    • 12 presets for Lightroom


    Unbroken Collection for Lightroom

    This is a set of 15+ black and white presets. There is a wide range of matte to crisp variations all in black and white. 

    This set includes:

    • 15 presets

    Pure Collection for Lightroom

    This is a set of 31 clean presets with an artistic touch. There are also dehaze presets, vignettes to add etc. You will be armed with a set that can get you editing your best thru every season. Perfect for weddings and outdoor sessions.

    This set includes

    • 31 presets

    Winter Wonderland for Lightroom

    This is an amazing set of 10 lightroom presets that are perfect tones to achieve a wintery look plus 9 snow overlays and 2 winter light overlays. This is the perfect set to get you through winter!!! 

    -10 lightroom edits inspired by winter!

    -9 snow overlays to be used in photoshop

    -2 winter light overlays to be used in photoshop

      1 Workflow Video + Many More in the Lemon and Lace Group!

      In this set you will receive 1 instructional video that take you thru editing with all the different presets above and also hand editing tricks in photoshop. There is definitely a right and wrong way to edit with presets, I want to show you just what I do with every session I edit. I truly want these to work for you!

      Photoshop Retouching Action Brush Set

      This retouching brush action set is all you need to add the finishing touches to your portraits. You will find a sharpening brush, skin smoothing brush that can also be used for the background and foreground of your images to add depth, a blush brush for that perfect glow and also a POP brush that you can use to add bold or subtle color wherever you choose whether it is all over or just pick specific items in your photo.

      This set includes:

      • Sharpening Brush
      • Skin smoothing Brush
      • Blush Brush
      • POP Brush

      ***You will need Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud for these actions. These are NOT for photoshop any other version of Photoshop, they will only work with Creative Cloud.

      ***You will need Adobe Lightroom for the presets.

      ***If your purchase was before the release date this product was not included in your purchase.


      ***All sales are final due to their digital nature. No refunds will be given under any circumstance.
      ***An understanding of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud is helpful when applying the presets.
      ***You do not have the right to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the files in any way or share your download link and any laws will be pursued to their fullest extent.

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