Zoom Emerald Velvet | Lightroom Presets

Emerald Velvet | Lightroom Presets

    Compatible With:
  • Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 10.5-12+
  • Adobe Lightroom CC 1.3+
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.3+
  • Lightroom CC Mobile App on your phone
  • Mac and Windows

🌿Emerald Velvet🌿 is here, to add to our Lemon Drop collection!!! Our 2nd ever single preset with adjustments for ALL lighting situations plus includes the DNG presets for mobile.

Do you get overwhelmed with the bundle?! Then our *new* Lemon Drop, single preset collections are where it is at.

You will have adjustments for full sun, direct dun, indoor natural light, adjustments for warmth, sun haze, black and white plus the mobile only version.

Lemon Drop is our single preset collections that are single preset base with all adjustments for different lighting situations.

Become a dropper!



  • 8 Emerald Velvet Lightroom presets in XMP format
  • 1 Emerald Velvet Lightroom presets in DNG format for mobile

    Know Before Purchase:

    • Format: XMP and DNG
    • Mobile Import: Yes, the DNG presets do import directly to Lightroom Mobile.
    • Delivery: XMP files are delivered in a zipped folder to be downloaded to a computer only
    • Software: Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw must be installed on your computer; Adobe Lightroom Mobile must be installed on your phone
    • Refunds: NO, due to the digital nature there are no refunds or exchanges


    You do not have the right to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the files in any way or share your download link and any laws will be pursued to their fullest extent.

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    Emerald Velvet | Lightroom Presets