Zoom Summer Edition Photography e-Workshop- Starts 6/1/2021
Zoom Summer Edition Photography e-Workshop- Starts 6/1/2021

Summer Edition Photography e-Workshop- Starts 6/1/2021


Want to learn what it takes to gross over $100k in just 3 months?! 🙌🏻📷🙌🏻
Join me all summer long for my Photography e-workshop ☀️Summer Edition☀️, where you get a front row seat to my Glitter and Glam events, family sessions, weddings and more!

Plus special discounts for our boudoir e-workshop (coming soon with Rhiannon Rae Rouyre!!!) and the preset shop.

This e-workshop will be made up of lives to ask questions, printable pdfs and a private group. It is self paced and all lives will be posted in the group to watch on your own time.

Summer edition will cover weddings, my Glitter and Glam events and families.

☀️The discounts you receive alone to the shops is well worth the price !

📷☀️Come behind the scenes with me all summer long to watch me shoot and edit. You get a front row seat to my Glitter and Glam events, weddings and family sessions. My summer is jam packed with over 180 sessions for our event on top of family sessions and weddings. Learn what it takes to gross $100k in just 3 months.

I will also cover photography 101 briefly:

If you struggle with camera basics, manual mode, editing in lightroom and photoshop, using curves, levels, gradients, overlays, cloning and more in photoshop, understanding light, properly exposing images, blurry images, how to adjust presets, posing families + kids, how to best use natural light indoors and outdoors, what lenses work best for what, how to properly compose an image, and sooooo much more then is your workshop!!!

Learn at your own pace with all instruction and education able to watch on your own time.

We will cover:

-How to run themed mini sessions and actually make money

-Basic marketing

-Business tools

-How to scale your mini sessions

-Wedding tips

-Camera basics (briefly)

-shooting in manual mode (briefly)

-lens choices and why and when (briefly)

-how to use natural light effectively to take your images from blah to amazing

-using natural light both indoors and outdoors

-editing in lightroom, how to adjust presets effectively

-properly exposing images

-how to stop missing focus

-how to make sharp images

-how to compose a photo

-posing couples + families

-easy effective tricks in photoshop from using overlays, making a gradient, cloning, masking, using levels and curves and more!


This will be a 3 month course, all information will come to you via a private facebook group with lives and printable pdfs.

Basic marketing and business tools will be taught.


3 Months of all things mini sessions, my Glitter and Glam events, wedding, family & child photography education

How to effectively run mini sessions and make money doing it

PDF printable guides uploaded to the group over the workshop that you can print and use anytime.

Lives to ask questions

Video instruction on editing

Private Facebook group managed in a way that is effective for learning and not over run and hard to follow

HUGE VIP discounts on products from all 3 shops

*This group is self paced, meaning what you put in is what you will get out. Education will come from lives and pdfs posted in the group. I am an open book, ask me anything !

At the end the group will be archived until 12/31/21 so you can still access information in the group.

There are no refunds on our courses.

NOTICE: You do not have the right to resell, sublicense or redistribute (even for free) the files in any way or share your download link and any laws will be pursued to their fullest extent. No Refunds.

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Summer Edition Photography e-Workshop- Starts 6/1/2021