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Over 40,000 photographers worldwide, have chosen our Lightroom Presets to help create images they and their clients love! Photo by: Lydia Rae Photography

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So Fresh Collection

Photo by: Lydia Rae Photography

So Fresh

Featured Photographer

Our feature photographer this month is Lydia Rae Photography a gorgeous natural light photographer from the Hawaiian Islands. The minute we saw her images using the So Fresh Collection, we were absolutely blown away!

Bundle and Save!

I am very much a dark and moody photog, before lemon and lace my edits would fall flat. I learned to shoot to fit the presets and they have changed my course of editing, clients and other photogs recognize my work when they see it, and my work flow time has been optimized dramatically! I love Lemon and Lace, I would not be as successful without them. <3

Rhiannon @michaelrhiphoto

Thankfully I found Lemon & Lace right at the beginning of my photography journey. Being new to lightroom I found the presets very easy to use and was able to quickly achieve my desired look. Since then I found the presets really got me acquainted with all the adjustments sliders within Lightroom. Lemon and Lace has transformed not just my images but my confidence to go out and shoot. A few of my all time favourite collections would be Happy Hour, lace, So fresh and California Dreaming I know the presets that well now I only have to look at a gallery to know which preset is going to suit the light that I did the shoot in, and will also coincide with keeping my editing consistent.

Tim @viewtreephotography

Mega Bundle

Lemon and Lace Presets, Lemon and Lace Lifestyle Mobile Presets and their sister company, Create Crew Co., can now be purchased in one amazing MEGA bundle!

Photo by: ViewTree Photography

Save time, Save money, Stand Out

With the help of photographers in all different genres, we have created presets that not only save you time, create consistency in your work, help you to stand out but we also pride ourselves in being able to offer our presets at a value that cannot be matched. 

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So Fresh Collection

Photo by: Lydia Rae Photography

So Fresh

The boss lady behind Lemon and Lace Presets

Thank you SO much for trusting Lemon and Lace Presets to create beautiful artwork for you and your clients. Photography has been a journey that I set out on almost a decade ago and I could not be more thankful for the opportunities and people it has brought to my life. I am a big hearted gal, that wears her heart on her sleeve, is never tired of the hustle and is always ready to tackle that next big challenge! WELCOME!